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Server time4/26/2017

Next week, the social side of this world will see some news, with several things we hope you will find both useful and help you easier discover the things there are to do. The changes include changes to both Welcome, City and Social pages as well as giving the merry band of criminals in The Great Heist access to the ingame magazine – currently known as It’s Pop, but from next week on as… The Insider!

Yes, the icon that is It’s Pop will change its name. The new magazine logo you will see on opening day is temporary though, because to find the right look for the new magazine, the Devs and editors have joined forces in a design competition, which is open for all those of you who would like to take part.

Read more about the logo contest below!

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Server time4/18/2017

Do you need more bling in your life? Of course you do. We raided the Stjärnblom family stash and spread out an assortment of their jewellry, which is now out there for you all to find. If you have a keen eye and fast feet, you may be one of those to find a piece!

Around the bend
Server time2/24/2017

Are you wondering what spring has on offer in the world of Popmundo? Here is a short rundown of some of the things you can expect. As usual, there are other things besides these which are lurking in the deep, hidden and slightly unpredictable corners of our minds, so these are not the only things you will see.

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