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The Blizzard of 91
Server time11/30/2016

Recent climate changes brought on by the careless treatment of our lovely planet has caused a massive blizzard to roll in over the North Pole. Once again the brutal storms have left Saint Nicholas incapable of delivering all the christmas presents on time. It's up to you to grab the reigns of the nearest sleigh and go get them. Children everywhere depend on it!

The Blizzard of 91 is predicted to last a month.

Popmundo Festival XIV
Server time11/17/2016

Let's stop to ponder that number for a second... before the qualifying round of the 14th Popmundo Festival takes flight!

In just a few hours the festival grounds in Melbourne will pump up the volume and begin to separate the mice from the men and women heading to the festival final in Barcelona.

So what are you waiting for? Swing by the nearest festival qualifier to check out the GSG shows, ride the shoulders of your best friend, get dirty in a tug of war, or get your fortune told by Elvis.

May the best band win!

E-mail schme-mail
Server time11/11/2016

Last night we were hit by another DDoS attack. It was the first time this happened since our new DDoS protection system was put in place, and needless to say, the system needs a few tweaks before it starts to work as intended.

As a result of this, both incoming and outgoing e-mail has stopped functioning. Our ISP is on this, and hopefully it'll start working again later this evening.

On a positive note, we've spent the latter part of the week looking at the more complex implementations that were requested for the Wishing Well. Expect a few of them to surface next week!