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Around the bend
Server time2/24/2017

Are you wondering what spring has on offer in the world of Popmundo? Here is a short rundown of some of the things you can expect. As usual, there are other things besides these which are lurking in the deep, hidden and slightly unpredictable corners of our minds, so these are not the only things you will see.

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Scheduled maintenance coming up
Server time2/16/2017

Our ISP is upgrading some of its technological infrastructure, which will make the game unavailable for around 30-60 minutes (estimated) early in the morning this coming Monday, between 00:01 and 04:00 CET.

The servers should continue to run unaffected by this behind the scenes.

The Blizzard of 91
Server time11/30/2016

Recent climate changes brought on by the careless treatment of our lovely planet has caused a massive blizzard to roll in over the North Pole. Once again the brutal storms have left Saint Nicholas incapable of delivering all the christmas presents on time. It's up to you to grab the reigns of the nearest sleigh and go get them. Children everywhere depend on it!

The Blizzard of 91 is predicted to last a month.