Welcome to Popmundo

Popmundo is an online role-playing game and community where the players strive for fame in a virtual music industry.

You start the game as a complete nobody with nothing but your hopes and dreams. You can practice your music, play a few gigs, and begin to build a fanbase. Play your cards right and you'll soon be touring the world, cutting chart-topping records, and leaving a wake of tantalizing scandals behind you!

The game is played in real time and the game keeps on going even when you're not logged in. Success in the game is determined by careful strategy and good timing, not by constant online presence. It's perfectly possible to be successful in the game by logging in a couple of times a week to check up on things.

Popmundo is free of charge and no downloads are necessary to play it. If you can read this you're good to go.

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Latest Community News

Credit Product Packages

Nearly all credit product packages we've ever released are now available for purchase. At first we were going to simply pick a few select ones to try to match everyone's basic needs but we quickly came to realize, we have no idea of knowing what's on everyone's role playing bucket list. In the future, these packages might be available on a quickly rotating schedule or in different categories or something to make the page somewhat less daunting, right now it's one long page of goodies to browse through. Please spend your credits with care as there are a lot of packages with similar content and only purchase stuff you yourself find worthwhile for your own immediate gaming experience.

Festival XXIV in Antalya!

The twenty-fourth Popmundo Festival will take place in Antalya after the summer. We know this isn't much, but perhaps it will bring a little light into the lives of our friends in Turkey who are suffering the effects of recent events IRL. To read more about the qualifiers and everything else you need to know about the festival please visit our social pages.

Stay safe everyone!

All good things must come to an end

With a game engine based on tech from another century and a player population which has been dwindling since 2008 we’ve finally come to the point where it’s economically unfeasible to keep the game online with constant developer surveillance and support. Because of this we regret to inform you that from now on maintenance will be cut down to a bare minimum, no more features will be added, and the game will be running unmanned most of the time.

We will try to keep the game online for as long as possible in our spare time for those players who are still interested in logging on, but only the most pressing bugs and issues will be addressed by us and we won't be able to fix anything in a prompt manner like we've done in the past.

Time will tell how long this final chapter of Popmundo and The Great Heist will last. But this way, at least, we're not looking at a permanent server shutdown before the summer, which was the only other realistic option for us in the current situation.

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of you who’ve been with us on this adventure; players, volunteers, and developers alike. For some of you it’s been a 21 year long journey. The list of names of people who’ve contributed to the game during this time is too long to fathom. Thank you!

In the weeks to come there will be a couple of adaptations made to the game and its business model to better suit the game's future online. Any important changes will be highlighted here on this page as always.

Thank you for reading and stay safe everyone!