Fergie is one of the Headliners of the music industry. Pursuing stardom since 12/26/2014 the artist is currently ranked as the #131 Hip Hop act. The artist is considered to be from Los Angeles. This artist accepts invitations.

Hip Hop #131 79,193,719.50 M$

Latest Shows

12/4/2020 Antalya awesome Details »
12/3/2020 Izmir awesome Details »
12/2/2020 Rome awesome Details »

Artist Buzz

Live performances include a awesome show at Hip Hop Club | Madrid in Madrid which is rated as their best recent show.

The most recent music video by Fergie is Right in the p*ssy, released on 7/12/2020.

Fergie released the revolutionary single Right in the P*SSY on 7/14/2020.

Message to the Fans

New single and álbum soon:



The Dutchess
F. O'Brien
Band Leader
Rapper / Dancer
Member since 12/26/2014

N. Martín
Band Leader
Turntable Artist / Backup Vocalist
Member since 4/2/2017