The Scum of Britain

The Scum of Britain

The Scum of Britain is a criminal crew from Dubrovnik. Planning the great heist since 1/30/2016 this crew is currently ranked #633 in the world.

Police Radio

The Scum of Britain is up to no good.

Message to the Public

If yer a pig, or a rival - fight, don't stare like a 'tard.

If yer an ordinary mothafucka - jog the fuck on

Best score: #22
#1 crew in Dubrovnik. Yippee.


O. Bastard
Crew Leader & Hacker
Member since 1/30/2016

The InLaw
S. Garrido López
Master Mind
Member since 5/23/2021

Rave Jesus
E. Ravensbergen
Crew Leader & Cat Burglar
Member since 10/15/2022