Bad Influences

Bad Influences

Bad Influences is one of the Super Stars of the music industry. Pursuing stardom since 3/2/2019 the artist is currently ranked as the #15 Modern Rock act. The artist is considered to be from London. This artist accepts invitations.

Artist Buzz

This artist was eliminated in round 3 of the last Popopalooza!

Live performances include a GOD SMACKINGLY GLORIOUS show at The Mega Dome in Rio de Janeiro which is rated as their best recent show.

The band is currently successful, with presence in 37 radio charts. ´Cause She Is So Fancy has the highest position, at number 8.

The most recent music video by Bad Influences is ´Cause She Is So Fancy, released on 6/8/2021.

Bad Influences released the mind melting single Fancy & Stronger on 6/8/2021.

Message to the Fans

RM 5

´Cause She Is So F...


Slave Dragon
L. Lyon
Electric Guitarist / Lead Singer
Member since 3/2/2019

Queen Of Dragons
L. Lyon
Band Leader
Drummer / Rapper
Member since 4/14/2020

Bad News
R. Domínguez-Tagle
Band Leader
Lead Singer / Electric Guitarist
Member since 4/17/2020