Flying Underwearz

Flying Underwearz

Flying Underwearz is one of the Stars of the music industry. Pursuing stardom since 6/22/2019 the artist is currently ranked as the #43 Punk Rock act. The artist is considered to be from Paris. This artist accepts invitations.

Artist Buzz

Live performances include a earth shaking show at Enchanted Tales - Milan in Milan which is rated as their best recent show.

The most recent music video by Flying Underwearz is Big Hitter, Lip Splitter*, released on 3/5/2023.

Flying Underwearz released the earth shaking single Apocalypse on 3/7/2023.

Message to the Fans

Best rank Punk: #10. But we can do better, hold our beers.
Don't miss our documentary: "FU, the slacker movie"


F. Saurel
Band Leader
Trumpet Player / Pan-Pipe Player
Member since 6/22/2019

Bumble Bee
Y. Sky
Ukulele Player / Dancer
Member since 7/17/2019

B. Wollmer
Lead Singer / Turntable Artist
Member since 5/20/2021

F. Fangorn
Violinist / Pan-Pipe Player
Member since 8/13/2021