G. Deville

G. is 34 years old. She is the Didgeridoo Player of Dingue Beta. G. is also known as "Ducksworth". G. is located in London at London Lost Property.

G. likes to go for a walk during off hours and is trying to improve skill in order to get ahead professionally.




Attitude Loving
State Normal
Mood 100
Health 98
Star Quality 89
Cash 108,865,000.40 M$
VIP Member
Game: Popmundo
Points: 1785
Days Active: 2744 days

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mazel tov

The breeze always picked up as the spring weather wrapped itself around her as she appeared at Damon's house. They had been like this for years, when she was in town, she'd visit. She wasn't sure when she began, she certainly didn't think he or she were compatible. She was monogamous all those years ago, yet something changed.

Grace changed. People changed, her red coat tightly against her body. Maybe it was the days they spent in his kitchen talking, just being friends, his cooking, which admittedly was quite better than anything Grace could make. Though Grace was good with Jewish food. Latkes, she practically drooled absentmindedly for the next Channukah. Even if she showed up in the middle of the night, which she had that night.

Her tour had taken a break with Margarita's departure from the band, they were doing was best for both of them but Grace would hit the road again once she had written enough songs. But his familiar house tugged on her heart strings as she pulled him to her face and caressed his face. She was snagged on him and she knew it wasn't going anywhere.

No more spouses, she had promised, but then she kept returning. The fondness kept growing until that night she had asked him tousled in bed to marry her. It was unfair what his golden locks could do to her, that is what she told herself.

But then there were the years and it just fit into the puzzle. Pieces becoming one that understood each other, and she could never stop the smile that beckoned when she saw him.

It was a planetary orbit that drew her in, burning her hotter than the sun. What was one more spouse, she reasoned, reminded just how Zander had managed to talk her into another child after she was convinced Lux was her last one. Now she had more children than she knew how to bargain with.

Maybe that was life. Hard rules becoming malleable but that house was seared into her memory.

Posted 10/20/2021, 1:00 AM

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