L. Hudson

L. is 39 years old. He is a member of Surfing the cities. L. is located in Glasgow at Royal Infirmary.

L. likes to go for a walk during off hours and is trying to perform community service in order to get ahead professionally.

Seguiré mi sueño aunque me llamen loco.
Vega ❤ 6/113∞37/118
Thea 🔸 Thara.

Description: No, doesn't come with a matching fake plastic gun or donuts. Being in disguise is serious as fashion. But working on your police jargon may come handy. “To all units. A 211 at 675 Main. Back-up needed.” This item was chosen as a favorite in season one of Crīminālis Couture.
Category: Underground Market
Size/Encumbrance: 5%
Produced: Mass-produced