T. Földvári

T. is 39 years old. She is the Violinist of Vári Duó. T. is also known as "Maestra Miseria". T. is located in Budapest at VÁR-I-LAK.

T. likes to go for a walk during off hours and is trying to manage company in order to get ahead professionally.

Description: An ornate pendant made of precious metals showing off your Bards Guild membership.

Complete your bard's tale in Fantasia and Climb the Peaks of Destiny as a level 5 bard to receive some well earned experience points by rubbing this item in your hand once per game year. (This effect will only last a decade after you climbed the mountain so make the most of it.)

You will only receive experience points from a maximum of one guild pendant per game year regardless of how many different guild pendants you have. Please consider this limitation if you plan on climbing the Peaks of Destiny with more than one fantasia adventurer on the same character.
Category: Fantasia Adventures
Size/Encumbrance: 1%
Produced: Mass-produced