A. Issues

A. is 51 years old. She is a member of Not today, Satan. A. is also known as "Daddy". A. is located in London at Address of Issues.

A. likes to go shopping during off hours and is trying to compose music in order to get ahead professionally.

Background & Miscellaneous

This page contains basic personal information and brief historical background on this character, as well as some miscellaneous current information. Note that the information on this page has nothing to do with the player in control of this character.

Personal Data

A. was born in Mexico City. Her mother is A. Long. Her father is T. Early.

A. entered this world on Server time11/16/2011.

Next Birthday: Server time8/10/2022

Gender: Female

Citizenship: A. is a citizen of New York since 9/25/2015.

A. is a member of the following social clubs: The Dark Side

A.'s Popmundo Personal ID is 2834708.

A Perfect World

A. refuses to have anything to do with PVP crime in this world. A. refuses to own or trade stolen goods.

Criminal Record

This is a summary of A.'s criminal record.

Date Crime Incarceration City
1636439/1/2021 Pharmaceutical Theft Escaped! London
1619496/22/2021 Grave Robbery Escaped! London
1614225/31/2021 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
1602404/12/2021 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
15634911/1/2020 Post Office Robbery Escaped! Barcelona
1550829/9/2020 Pharmaceutical Theft Escaped! London
1549239/3/2020 Store Robbery Escaped! London
1491951/8/2020 Pharmaceutical Theft Escaped! London
1491501/6/2020 Pharmaceutical Theft Escaped! London
14900812/31/2019 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
14786311/13/2019 Bank Robbery Escaped! Nashville
14764311/4/2019 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
14697510/7/2019 Pharmaceutical Theft Escaped! London
1465139/18/2019 Art Theft Escaped! Baku
1434005/12/2019 Tampering with Evidence 2 days Paris
1424204/1/2019 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
1423613/29/2019 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
1421523/21/2019 Bank Robbery Escaped! Buenos Aires
1421373/20/2019 Store Robbery Escaped! Buenos Aires
1419213/11/2019 Bank Robbery Escaped! Toronto
1417923/6/2019 Bank Robbery Escaped! Warsaw
1417663/4/2019 Bank Robbery Escaped! Warsaw
1416682/28/2019 Bank Robbery Escaped! Nashville
1409391/29/2019 Pharmaceutical Theft Escaped! London
1406891/19/2019 Store Robbery Escaped! London
1405851/14/2019 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
1402951/2/2019 Hotel Robbery Escaped! London
14016912/28/2018 Store Robbery Escaped! Buenos Aires
13857110/22/2018 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
1377739/19/2018 Art Theft Escaped! London
1375579/10/2018 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
1372518/28/2018 Post Office Robbery Escaped! Chicago
1372308/27/2018 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
1371198/23/2018 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
1357576/27/2018 Tampering with Evidence Escaped! Belgrade
1357056/25/2018 Pharmaceutical Theft Escaped! London
1356096/21/2018 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
1352986/8/2018 Tampering with Evidence Escaped! Porto
1351326/1/2018 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
1347735/17/2018 Pharmaceutical Theft Escaped! London
1347245/15/2018 Tampering with Evidence Escaped! Chicago
1347015/14/2018 Tampering with Evidence Escaped! Chicago
1344225/2/2018 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
1340254/16/2018 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
1338814/10/2018 Post Office Robbery Escaped! London
1338574/9/2018 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
1337504/4/2018 Tampering with Evidence Escaped! Istanbul
1334333/22/2018 Pharmaceutical Theft Escaped! London
1332523/15/2018 Breaking & Entering Escaped! Rome
1326872/19/2018 Breaking & Entering Escaped! Antalya
1325272/12/2018 Breaking & Entering Escaped! Mexico City
1322021/30/2018 Corporate Espionage Escaped! Mexico City
1315661/3/2018 Pharmaceutical Theft Escaped! London
13136112/26/2017 Tampering with Evidence Escaped! Berlin
13102212/12/2017 Tampering with Evidence Escaped! Montreal
13023011/9/2017 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
13016711/6/2017 Corporate Espionage Escaped! Madrid
12972410/19/2017 Prison Break 0 days London
12970710/18/2017 Pharmaceutical Theft Escaped! London
1287729/9/2017 Post Office Robbery Escaped! London
1282778/19/2017 Corporate Espionage Escaped! Mexico City
1282648/19/2017 Corporate Espionage Escaped! Mexico City
1281908/16/2017 Corporate Espionage Escaped! Mexico City
1280758/11/2017 Pharmaceutical Theft Escaped! London
1279978/8/2017 Pharmaceutical Theft Escaped! London
1278368/1/2017 Corporate Espionage Escaped! Mexico City
1276887/26/2017 Pharmaceutical Theft Escaped! London
1265216/7/2017 Corporate Espionage Escaped! Sarajevo
1263175/30/2017 Art Theft Escaped! Tokyo
1253934/21/2017 Pharmaceutical Theft Escaped! London
1252894/17/2017 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
1240042/22/2017 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
1238692/17/2017 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
1237832/13/2017 Corporate Espionage Escaped! Rio de Janeiro
1236442/7/2017 Bank Robbery Escaped! Sofia
1235172/2/2017 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
1234411/30/2017 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
1233071/24/2017 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
1231901/19/2017 Corporate Espionage Escaped! Barcelona
1227981/3/2017 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
12246012/20/2016 Corporate Espionage Escaped! Madrid
12204112/3/2016 Bank Robbery Escaped! Sofia
12196211/29/2016 Bank Robbery Escaped! Sofia
12183611/24/2016 Corporate Espionage Escaped! Barcelona
12181711/23/2016 Corporate Espionage Escaped! Barcelona
12176211/21/2016 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
12132511/3/2016 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
12128611/1/2016 Prison Break 0 days London
12125910/31/2016 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
12116610/27/2016 Corporate Espionage Escaped! Warsaw
12115210/27/2016 Corporate Espionage Escaped! Warsaw
12067710/7/2016 Bank Robbery Escaped! Jakarta
1200919/12/2016 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
1199169/5/2016 Bank Robbery Escaped! Sofia
1196098/23/2016 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
1194138/15/2016 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
1192438/8/2016 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
1184837/7/2016 Store Robbery Escaped! Sofia
1181206/22/2016 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
1180726/20/2016 Corporate Espionage Escaped! Shanghai
1177576/7/2016 Corporate Espionage Escaped! Shanghai
1177446/7/2016 Corporate Espionage Escaped! Shanghai
1176206/1/2016 Hotel Robbery Escaped! London
1174005/23/2016 Corporate Espionage Escaped! Rio de Janeiro
1173035/19/2016 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
1168424/30/2016 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
1167244/25/2016 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
1166384/21/2016 Bank Robbery Escaped! Rio de Janeiro
1166044/20/2016 Bank Robbery Escaped! Rio de Janeiro
1165664/18/2016 Prison Break Assistance Escaped! Rio de Janeiro
1164644/14/2016 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
1163554/10/2016 Prison Break 0 days London
1163064/8/2016 Hotel Robbery Escaped! Singapore
1162774/6/2016 Bank Robbery Escaped! Singapore
1162474/5/2016 Art Theft Escaped! London
1161133/31/2016 Hotel Robbery Escaped! London
1160713/29/2016 Prison Break 0 days London
1160493/28/2016 Hotel Robbery Escaped! London
1144441/21/2016 Bank Robbery 2 days London
1144041/19/2016 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
1143361/17/2016 Corporate Espionage 2 days Paris
11368712/20/2015 Corporate Espionage Escaped! Rome
11294711/20/2015 Bank Robbery 2 days New York
11289111/17/2015 Grand Larceny 2 days New York
11215110/17/2015 Grand Larceny 2 days New York
11205010/13/2015 Grand Larceny 2 days New York
1098747/15/2015 Theft 2 days Rio de Janeiro
1085275/19/2015 Breaking & Entering 2 days London