J. Worrell

J. is 21 years old. He is the Lead Singer of Bultaoreune. J. is also known as "Akasha". J. is located in Antalya at Dope | ANT.

J. likes to exercise at the gym during off hours and is trying to talk to media in order to get ahead professionally.

Hannie ♡ You're a thief, you stole my heart.

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Background & Miscellaneous

This page contains basic personal information and brief historical background on this character, as well as some miscellaneous current information. Note that the information on this page has nothing to do with the player in control of this character.

Character Trivia

🍫 Was born and raised to be a prince, acts accordingly;
🍫 Super friendly, outgoing and happy persona (a social butterfly at heart);
🍫 Morals, ethics, principles and honor mean the world to him;
🍫 Likes to help everyone he can, especially those closer to him;
🍫 Gives his all to everything he compromises to do, even if that takes a toll on him;
🍫 Foodie expert: enjoys cooking and eating more than most things in the world. Brigadeiro and coxinha are his favorites. Also runs a restaurant in Tokyo;
🍫 Loves dearly: family, friends and band;
🍫 A hopeless flirt. Does it effortlessly and unintentionally all the time;
🍫 Isn't a saint at all and people know it. Also likes showing it off a bit;
🍫 Very much into spanking and bondage. And a bit of sadism;
🍫 Ultimate goal: be awarded the triad;
🍫 Will miss forever: the magazine;
🍫 Wants to enjoy life in the lightest and most carefree way possible.
Status: enjoying sushi.

Personal Data

J. was born in London. His parents are happily married. He is a fanatic sportsfan. He hates racism and unjust societies. He lost His virginity at the age of 16.

J. entered this world on Server time1/24/2016.

Next Birthday: Server time9/10/2021

Gender: Male

Citizenship: J. is a citizen of Rio de Janeiro since 3/13/2020.

J. is a member of the following social clubs: Worrell Dynasty, Naja's Club, Cool Kids Tour, Ranking PT-BR

J.'s Popmundo Personal ID is 3317125.

A Perfect World

J. refuses to have anything to do with PVP crime in this world. J. refuses to own or trade stolen goods.