A. Woods

A. became 17 years old.

A. is resting in peace in London at Highgate Cemetery.

Date of Death: 3/14/2018

Background & Miscellaneous

This page contains basic personal information and brief historical background on this character, as well as some miscellaneous current information. Note that the information on this page has nothing to do with the player in control of this character.

Character Trivia

10pm EST 2/12

I am the flow, I am the ebb
I am the weaver, I am the web.
I am the spider, I am the thread.
I am the Witch back from the dead.

Personal Data

A. was born in Stockholm. Her mother is C. Harbin. Her father is P. Woods. A. Woods is Her adoptive parent. C. Woods is Her adoptive parent. L. Looms is Her adoptive parent. A. was brought back to life at the age of 34. A. was brought back to life at the age of 37.

A. entered Popmundo Server time11/29/2007.

Date of Death: 3/14/2018

Gender: Female

A.'s Popmundo Personal ID is 592374.

A Perfect World

A. refuses to have anything to do with PVP crime in this world. A. refuses to own or trade stolen goods.