R. Icardi Rivero

R. is 20 years old. She is the Master Mind of Mortal Kombat. R. is also known as "Dakota". R. is located in Rio de Janeiro at Tharks (RIO).

R. likes to go for a walk during off hours and is trying to recon location in order to get ahead professionally.

A Perfect World

R. refuses to have anything to do with PVP crime in this world. R. refuses to own or trade stolen goods.

Criminal Record

This is a summary of R.'s criminal record.

Date Crime Incarceration City
1788735/29/2023 Hotel Robbery Escaped! Helsinki
1788485/28/2023 Hotel Robbery Escaped! Helsinki
1774753/31/2023 Prison Break Assistance Escaped! Istanbul
1774073/28/2023 Corporate Espionage Escaped! Stockholm
1771653/18/2023 Pharmaceutical Theft Escaped! London
1767573/1/2023 Post Office Robbery Escaped! Istanbul
1766782/26/2023 Prison Break Escaped! Rome
1766632/25/2023 Store Robbery Escaped! Rome
1764462/16/2023 Pharmaceutical Theft Escaped! Istanbul
460714/3/2008 Smuggling 0 days Madrid