F. Johnson

F. is 40 years old. She is the Hacker of minimally conscious state. F. is also known as "fran bow". F. is located in Istanbul at Dara Cullen Hastanesi.

F. likes to guard items during off hours and is trying to recon location in order to get ahead professionally.

Player vs Player Crime Activated

F. considers PVP crime to be a part of life. This means that F. can steal items from, and break into the homes of, other people who've also embraced PVP crime. It also means that F. can trade and own stolen items.

Criminal Record

This is a summary of F.'s criminal record.

Date Crime Incarceration City
1684763/21/2022 Art Theft 2 days Istanbul
1549189/2/2020 Bank Robbery Escaped! Mexico City
1548859/1/2020 Bank Robbery Escaped! Chicago
1545488/18/2020 Bank Robbery Escaped! Toronto
1545158/17/2020 Bank Robbery Escaped! Toronto
1532046/23/2020 Store Robbery Escaped! Istanbul
1528106/7/2020 Store Robbery Escaped! Istanbul
1496381/26/2020 Bank Robbery Escaped! Nashville
14744910/27/2019 Pharmaceutical Theft Escaped! Istanbul
14700110/9/2019 Theft 3 days Ankara
1465769/21/2019 Theft Escaped! Chicago
1461069/1/2019 Theft Escaped! Moscow
1453668/1/2019 Art Theft Escaped! Istanbul
1451987/25/2019 Corporate Espionage Escaped! Barcelona
1439246/2/2019 Art Theft Escaped! Istanbul
1438946/1/2019 Art Theft Escaped! Istanbul
1438115/29/2019 Prison Break Escaped! Istanbul
1437815/27/2019 Hotel Robbery Escaped! Istanbul