J. Thorstensson

J. is 46 years old. He is the Lead Singer of ¡Las Cutículas que dicen Ni!. J. is also known as "Zzzzman". J. is located in Paris at Jörgy's.

J. likes to go for a walk during off hours and is trying to improve skill in order to get ahead professionally.

Uninteresting fact #3176: the great puppeteer is trying to get back in the game :/

Funny Song

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Song Details

Funny Song is Singalong music in tempo Presto. The music is GOD SMACKING and the lyrics are incredible. The song was written 12/2/2007 by J. Thorstensson. The originality is incredible.

Fame: 24
Stage Potential: 20
Genre: Modern Rock
Owner: Jörgen Into Place
First Revealed: 12/2/2007 * Songs this old don't have an accurate release date and are considered to be revealed the same day they were composed.

Dominant Instruments


Special Lyrics

More than a song, this work is a true revolution in the universe of the music... And it is dedicated to my greatest heroes, Ed Velez and Burton Walters...
So take your comb because a storm is now approaching!
Written in a brain created by a genetic fusion, this song is full of vitamins C and E.
That's why a daily listening is recommended by the greatest nutritionnists of the Kazakstan and also by the ENCRB (Ethiopian National Center of Research against Baldness).

I won't detail the description of Scarlett or Palmer
These guys are really incredible
To be crushed by a twenty years old lorry (stupid french joke)
To offer you some slap tournament

It's reaallllyyyyy funnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy tiguidadoudadadouwaaaaap
It's so amaaaAAaaaziing!

It's reaalllyyyyyyyy funnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyy waaaaapouuwouap
It's so aammaaAAAAaaAaKROUIIIKKK * sound break *

* Advertisement for the Chiatrix laboratories *

Knowing that it takes approximately eight hours to digest, it could have been thought that, normally, the human being should go at least three times a day to the toilets in order to defecate. Well, you know that it's not the truth. This phenomenon refuting the most elementary laws of mathematics is called constipation and is the cause of premature baldness on lemurs of Mesopotamia. That's why the Chiatrix laboratories have just created..... * sound back *

If you don't believe
That mushroom towns could exist
Just wait to meet their king
The great strong of catechus and their hundred health points
Healing by eau de vie, druuunnk guy druuuuunk guuuy

It's reaaaalllyyyyyyy fuuuuuuuunnnnnyyyyyyyyy youpiyaa ya youpiyoupiyaaa
It's so amaaaAaAAaaAAaaaziiing!

It's reaaaalllyyyyy fuuuuunuuunununnnnyyyyyy rock'n roll petit patapon
It's so amaaaaAAAAaaAAAAAaaaAaAAaAAaaaAaaAaAAAaaAAAaAAAAaaaziiiiiiiiiiing!

(Ad lib)

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