A. Castrejón Díaz

A. is 87 years old. He is the Backup Vocalist of Aírsa. A. is also known as "The Band Leader". A. is located in Buenos Aires at Tango:+:Caballero "Señora.

A. likes to exercise at the gym during off hours and is trying to improve skill in order to get ahead professionally.

The songs of A.

Playing good songs on stage is crucial to the career of any musician. Although it's possible to play covers of other people's material, the best way to gain serious fame and become a superstar is to play your own songs. You can work on up to three songs at a time.

Known Songs Popularity Composed
Sex and soda 460 1355406/18/2018
Stop me, or my fists will talk 500 1337374/4/2018
Unified Combinations 150 1326922/19/2018
Twothousandandeighteeeeeen 500 13129212/23/2017
Snowflakes keep falling on my head 500 13108312/14/2017
Ik voel nattigheid 500 13096112/9/2017
She is more absent than she realizes 500 13066311/27/2017
Vakantie over en uit 500 1280798/11/2017
Gosh 500 1279638/6/2017
Les Ardennes 500 1173995/23/2016
De zon is warm 500 1168945/2/2016
Feels the dot 500 1153182/26/2016
Dagdagelijks 500 1151922/21/2016
Dagelijkse kost 500 1150512/15/2016
TV break down 500 1148952/9/2016
E fistjen baa'n 500 1141821/10/2016
RIP Luc 500 10455412/5/2014
Popcoins 500 9613112/19/2013
Heartbeat with Gala 500 9603712/15/2013
The other way of making songs 500 887012/12/2013
Resourceful Sorrow 500 7693010/11/2011