A. Issues

A. is 51 years old. She is a member of Not today, Satan. A. is also known as "Daddy". A. is located in London at Address of Issues.

A. likes to go shopping during off hours and is trying to compose music in order to get ahead professionally.

The songs of A.

Playing good songs on stage is crucial to the career of any musician. Although it's possible to play covers of other people's material, the best way to gain serious fame and become a superstar is to play your own songs. You can work on up to three songs at a time.

Known Songs Popularity Composed
Pathetic 595 1689594/10/2022
Going down 580 1685443/24/2022
Black and blue 545 1684683/21/2022
That's what she said 545 1677942/21/2022
Blister 545 1675182/9/2022
Moist 535 1673782/4/2022
Let go 565 1672801/31/2022
Thirsty 190 1669861/18/2022
Secondhand lovers 500 1148302/6/2016
Not so Early 500 1098657/14/2015
Valentin 500 1069373/14/2015