A. Ravenwood

A. is 49 years old. She is the Flutist of La Vie Heureuse. A. is also known as "Ashe". A. is located in Seattle at Main Street 33.

A. likes to rest during off hours and is trying to improve skill in order to get ahead professionally.

The songs of A.

Playing good songs on stage is crucial to the career of any musician. Although it's possible to play covers of other people's material, the best way to gain serious fame and become a superstar is to play your own songs. You can work on up to three songs at a time.

Known Songs Popularity Composed
My Sister, At Last (Infidelity Pt 3) 500 1264266/3/2017
Fantaisie pour flûte et piano 500 1257355/5/2017
First Love, Last Love 500 1245433/17/2017
A Secret Revealed 500 1241713/1/2017
The universe revolves around us 500 1236452/7/2017
I Never Knew You (Infidelity Pt 2) 500 12228112/13/2016
Infidelity 500 12161211/15/2016
If You Only Knew 500 12107810/23/2016
Saint Kobe, Hear My Prayer 500 1188307/22/2016
Mia Katerina 500 1183046/30/2016
The Man in the Leather Jacket 500 1177676/7/2016
Hypnotisé par la Flûte 500 1168554/30/2016
Blinding Light 500 1164734/15/2016
Finding My Way 500 1140561/5/2016