M. Bendazzoli

M. is 84 years old. She is the Backup Vocalist of The Final. M. is also known as "Storm". M. is located in Rome at Madness ~ Roma.

M. likes to go for a walk during off hours and is trying to improve skill in order to get ahead professionally.


Personal Vehicles

Personal vehicles are an excellent way of traveling freely throughout the world. You don't have to book tickets in advance, and depending on the type of ride it is, you get to bring along some extra luggage.

If you own a vehicle click on it here on this page to get detailed information about it, the items packed in it, and the option to scrap the vehicle if you want to get rid of it.

Vehicle Location City Last Activation
MacLaron F1 Menezes Cortes Rio de Janeiro 88525 2/5/2013
MacLaron F1 emc2 Istanbul 95152 11/8/2013
MacLaron F1 M25 Parking Garage London 83864 7/26/2012
MacLaron F1 Parcheggio del Gianicolo Rome 91992 6/30/2013
Posh 611 P-Platsen Stockholm 84645 8/27/2012

Traveling with Vehicles

Once you own a vehicle you can use it as a means of transport when moving between zones in a city or take it for a road trip to another city altogether. To travel to another city using a vehicle simply go to the city page, select the city of your choice and pick the Other Vehicles option in the city travel menu.

Using a personal vehicle to go from zone to zone within the same city is very often the preferred means of travel for most situations. Second only to the VIP Limo Service. If you have more than one personal vehicle in the city, you will travel with the vehicle you activated most recently.