Building Regulations in London

Building regulations are controlled by the mayor of the city. Public locales are locales which the mayor has decided should only be managed by the city itself. Privatized locales are managed by private companies. A City Singularity is a single locale which is unique and always managed by the city.

The tax or subsidy in this table represents an amount of money which is paid to, or collected from, each locale of this type in the city on a daily basis. This is used by the city to either support or cash in on different businesses. To prevent mayors from abusing their power this only affects city owned locales these days.

Building Rule Taxes/Subsidies
Abandoned Warehouse Illegal 0.00 M$
Arms Dealer Public Only 0.00 M$
Artist Agency Public Only 0.00 M$
Bank Public Only 3,134.30 M$
Bus Terminal Public Only 7,761.00 M$
Car Dealer Public Only 0.00 M$
Parking Garage Public Only 9,000.00 M$
Club Public Only 5,500.00 M$
Construction Company Public Only 0.00 M$
Nursery Public Only 7,800.00 M$
Factory Public Only 11,641.70 M$
Gym Public Only 4,000.00 M$
Head Office Public Only 0.00 M$
Hospital Public Only 22,388.00 M$
Hotel Public Only 0.00 M$
Jam Place Public Only 5,223.80 M$
Law Firm Public Only 0.00 M$
Park Public Only 9,850.00 M$
Plastic Surgery Center Public Only 0.00 M$
Prison Public Only 13,134.30 M$
Psychology Clinic Public Only 1,865.60 M$
Record Studio Public Only 0.00 M$
Research Center Public Only 0.00 M$
Restaurant Public Only 0.00 M$
School Public Only 15,000.00 M$
Security Firm Public Only 0.00 M$
Shop Public Only 0.00 M$
Stadium Public Only 20,000.00 M$
Stage Equipment Shop Public Only 0.00 M$
Subway Line Public Only 30,000.00 M$
Tattoo Parlor Public Only 0.00 M$
TV Station Public Only 8,500.00 M$
University Public Only 31,343.20 M$
Airplane City Singularity 8,000.00 M$
Airport City Singularity 23,507.00 M$
City Airspace City Singularity 0.00 M$
City Hall City Singularity 0.00 M$
Countryside City Singularity 6,000.00 M$
Court House City Singularity 10,000.00 M$
Festival Grounds City Singularity 0.00 M$
Fire Station City Singularity 8,507.40 M$
Flea Market City Singularity 0.00 M$
Garbage dump City Singularity 14,925.30 M$
Graveyard City Singularity 11,194.00 M$
Highway Out of Town City Singularity 5,970.10 M$
Lost and Found City Singularity 5,223.80 M$
Museum City Singularity 6,820.80 M$
Police Station City Singularity 15,000.00 M$
Post Office City Singularity 6,567.10 M$
Power Plant City Singularity 0.00 M$
Public Beach City Singularity 6,716.40 M$
Real Estate Agency City Singularity 0.00 M$
Temple City Singularity 5,373.10 M$
Water Reservoir City Singularity 0.00 M$