New Citizens in Rome

This is a list of the 30 newest citizens of this city. Although new citizens are usually a wonderful thing, pay attention to the dates on these new citizenships. A sudden burst of new citizens could signal the coming of political unrest.

Citizen In Town? Citizen Since
C. Marx Yes 1615186/4/2021
L. Mangione 1589132/16/2021
T. Sottile Yes 1586962/7/2021
N. Colonna Aldobrandi Normanni Di Anguillara Sabazia Yes 15735512/13/2020
A. Beausoleil 15622910/27/2020
A. Johnson Yes 1554199/23/2020
A. Armendariz 1549369/3/2020
Z. Petró 1546458/22/2020
C. Phoenix Yes 1537677/16/2020
T. Bassi 1531496/21/2020
C. Rossi Yes 1531046/19/2020
C. O'Donovan 1526435/31/2020
J. Vederhus 1525355/26/2020
R. Vederhus 1525355/26/2020
A. Bouleau 1524865/24/2020
D. Banks 1524865/24/2020
A. Banks 1524865/24/2020
C. Arthur 1524865/24/2020
L. La Corte 1524865/24/2020
J. Vederhus 1524725/24/2020
R. Lafleur 1520525/6/2020
S. Battista Yes 1519555/2/2020
P. Gagliardi Yes 1518864/29/2020
B. Oral 1518144/26/2020
I. Kılıcı 1512844/4/2020
Y. Takamura 1511693/30/2020
S. Dyrmo 1511393/29/2020
R. Davies 1498872/6/2020
N. Dogana Yes 14802411/20/2019
G. Improta 14718510/16/2019