Each zone contains different kind of locale types. The local politicians can decide what locale types they allow in each zone and its Optimum Capacity.

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Basic Data
Zone Malate
Type Countryside
Location 7 clicks from Center of Town
Zone Quality 40
Infrastructure Quality 50
Zone Status Open for new locales
Locales 89 locales built (Zoned for 161)
Type of Locale Locales Capacity Quality
Airport 1 1 22
Graveyard 1 1 22
Prison 1 1 22
Countryside 1 1 21
Power Plant 1 1 22
Water Reservoir 1 1 22
Subway Line 0 0 1
Garbage dump 1 1 15
Cottage 79 100 22
Farm 0 50 1
Palace 1 2 22
Highway Out of Town 1 1 22
Public Beach 1 1 22

Regarding Zone Quality

The quality of a zone affects the businesses and locales in it, the people living there, and the visitors passing through.

The quality of a zone is determined by the quality of the locales in it. In addition to this, the local politicians are able to spend money on special programs and resources to increase the quality of zones. Other factors which influence the quality of a zone are crime and pollution.

If the amount of locales exceeds the Capacity, it will have a negative effect on the quality.