Locales in Rio de Janeiro

Each city is divided in to different Zones. Find locales in those zones that are relevant to the career and game you're focusing on. You will only find locales of public interest here and not character homes or abandoned buildings.

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Locale Type Quality  
The Marquesa Shop 17
Omne Trinum Shop |Rio| Shop 17
Rio De Janiero Gen Store Shop 17
Loux Store RIO Shop 16
Harrods Shop | RIO Shop 15
Mystic Rabbit Shop 10
Millennium (RIO) Shop 10
¡Bichos! Shop 9
Doggie Style - Rio Shop 9
Tienda Bella Shop 9
Ass Up Shop 9
Tiendas Desigual (Río) Shop 8
~Happy Puppies~ Rio Shop 6
Mercury Shop RIO Shop 5
quitanndah Shop 5
UNOU1IT ~Rio~ Shop 1
Tiendas La Pepa Rio Shop 1
Big Bang Penthalon Store Shop 1
Underworld Emporium - Rio Shop 1
合生汇 | RJ Shop 1
Laviolette Shop RIO Shop 1
Vio Rio de Janeiro 2 Shop 1
Satanas Shopping Center Shop 1
Truly Scrumptious Shop 1
Tiendas Desigual (Rio) Shop 1
Le Biscuit - RIO Shop 1
Vio Rio de Janeiro 1 Shop 1
Store Rio Shop 1