Locales in Shanghai

Each city is divided in to different Zones. Find locales in those zones that are relevant to the career and game you're focusing on. You will only find locales of public interest here and not character homes or abandoned buildings.

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Locale Type Quality  
银色羽翼综合市场(SH) Shop 22
SOKOS Kenttämaa (SHA) Shop 22
Kenttämaa Elukat (SHA) Shop 20
Quinlan Grocery SHA Shop 20
Hardings | Shop | Shangha Shop 19
Rattan Daisy "wholesale " Shop 10
RPI. 老凤祥珠宝 Shop 8
UNOU1IT ~Shanghai~ Shop 8
<< ÖZEM dükkan >> | Şangy Shop 3
RPI. 太平洋电子 Shop 3