Locales in Amsterdam

Each city is divided in to different Zones. Find locales in those zones that are relevant to the career and game you're focusing on. You will only find locales of public interest here and not character homes or abandoned buildings.

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Locale Type Quality  
Antenora HM | AMS (Heavy Metal) Club 22
Ragga Reggae | AMS (Reggae) Club 22
Beep Bop Music II |AMS| (Modern Rock) Club 22
Flamingo Chain AmstdamJ (Jazz) Club 22
EGO | ROCK | AMS (Rock) Club 22
TheOya MR Amsterdam (Modern Rock) Club 21
Timeless | AMS (R&B) Club 21
Dirty PunkIT! Amsterdam (Modern Rock) Club 21
Bad Luck R&B (AMS) (R&B) Club 19
EFC - AMS (Flamenco) Club 19
The MeTaL House [Amsterd] (Heavy Metal) Club 18
Grand Stage (AMS) (Electronica) Club 13
Lockhart Rock Bar | AMS (Rock) Club 12
lux Amsterdam Club 11
Club Starr- Amsterdam (Hip Hop) Club 11
Camelot Club Amsterdam (Pop) Club 11
Popocalypse | AMS (Pop) Club 10
EGO | X | AMS (Modern Rock) Club 9
Katarsis Metal |AMS| (Heavy Metal) Club 9
The Bunker |AMS| (Rock) Club 9
Lunitas ::Ámsterdam:: (Latin Music) Club 8
Underworld in Amsterdam (African Music) Club 7
[HM] Bar Kenttämaa[AMS] (Heavy Metal) Club 6
Material Girl Rock | AMS (Rock) Club 6
Şanaa Ðunıa |Ams| (Jazz) Club 5
Lusophonia Amsterdam (Jazz) Club 4
Bar Winter War (AMS) (Heavy Metal) Club 4
Atlantic Pop~Amsterdam (Pop) Club 4
¿ Enigma ? AMS (Modern Rock) Club 3
Rock Wonderland (AMS) (Rock) Club 1
Exxus Amsterdam (Rock) Club 1
D | Amsterdam (Electronica) Club 1
"S" Punk - Amsterdam (Punk Rock) Club 1
Blink-182 Amsterdam (Modern Rock) Club 1
Taberna del blues (Ams) (Blues) Club 1
ÖZLEM Latin | Amsterdam (Latin Music) Club 1
Rapture Amsterdam2 (Rock) Club 1
A- Amsterdam (Punk Rock) Club 1
Sapphire Rock (AMS) (Rock) Club 1
*~ P.O.L~*POP Club | AMS (Pop) Club 1
Quejíos y taconeos (AMS) (Flamenco) Club 1
ChungHwa CC - AMS (Modern Rock) Club 1
Punk Is DAD | AMS (Punk Rock) Club 1
Torre de Arena (Ams) (Electronica) Club 1
Fisherman |AMS| (Latin Music) Club 1
Amethyst R&B (AMS) (R&B) Club 1
Classical Amsterdam (Classical) Club 1
Hell Project ~ AMS (Pop) Club 1
Gauthier club in AMS (Electronica) Club 1
The Juke Joint - Amst (Blues) Club 1
La Taberna del Jazz |AMS| (Jazz) Club 1
AmFu (Reggae) Club 1
Pandora's Box | AMS (Punk Rock) Club 1
736 Country Clubs AMS* (Country & Western) Club 1
Sithrica | Amsterdam (African Music) Club 1
AVIL Club - AMS (Pop) Club 1
Blue Moon Amsterdam (Blues) Club 1
Underground Horror|AMS (Heavy Metal) Club 1
Shrine in Amsterdam (Punk Rock) Club 1
The Eolian | Amsterdam (Rock) Club 1
T M D (AMS) (World Music) Club 1
Rapture Amsterdam (Rock) Club 1
The Amsterdam Theater (Modern Rock) Club 1
Alguma Coisa Hall AMS Club 1
Drops of Jupiter A'dam (Pop) Club 1
Pearlescent Panther *AMS* (Rock) Club 1
Serendipity (Jazz) - AMS (Jazz) Club 1
AMS | Unagi! (Reggae) Club 1
Striptease | Amsterdam (Modern Rock) Club 1
ÖZLEM Latin < Amterdam (Latin Music) Club 1
SumMerAngel R&B AMS (R&B) Club 1
Madness ~ Amsterdã (Rock) Club 1
Firefly -Ams- (Punk Rock) Club 1
CC17 (AMS) Club 1
Kinky Rock Amsterdam (Rock) Club 1
Kids of Anarchy - AMS (Punk Rock) Club 1
ambrosia (Punk Rock) Club 1
CC15 (AMS) Club 1
MR | Ravenclaw (AMS) (Modern Rock) Club 1
The Dice|POP|Amsterdam (Pop) Club 1
ÖZLEM Rock | Ams (Rock) Club 1
AMS | Mandarinas Swing (R&B) Club 1
African Canbay - AMS (African Music) Club 1
Belenus WM |AMS| (World Music) Club 1
Blue Lizard (AMS) (Blues) Club 1
Chąsïиg Cąяs Amsterdam (Pop) Club 1
Nirvana | Amsterdam (Punk Rock) Club 1
CC7 (AMS) Club 1