Company Shareholders

The shareholders who own this company are listed here. Once per game year these people can receive a dividend payment from the company. The dividend is paid by the current company president. The company president is elected once per game year by the company shareholders.

Character Shares
A. Cameron President 100

Dormant Shares

When an active shareholder leaves the company without getting rid of their shares, those shares becomes dormant. A dormant shareholder cannot do anything with the company and doesn't have any say in its day to day business as long as there are any other active shareholders.

Once a company stands without any active shareholders, a dormant shareholder may take control of the company.

This company doesn't have any dormant shareholders.

Majority Shareholder

The majority shareholder of any privately owned company can, at any time, seize control of a company and become its president. A majority shareholder is a single shareholder who controls more than half of a company's shares.

With 100 out of 100 shares the majority shareholder of this company is A. Cameron.