Team Activities

Team activities are recreational events you perform with one or more friends or foes. Below is a list of all activities, where they are available and what type of room they require (if any).

Activity name Type of locale Room requirement
8-ball Apartment -
8-ball Apartment -
8-ball Bungalow -
8-ball Cottage -
8-ball Farm -
8-ball House -
8-ball Manor -
8-ball Mansion -
8-ball Palace -
8-ball Penthouse -
8-ball Villa -
Badminton Cottage Yard
Badminton Farm Yard
Badminton House Yard
Badminton Mansion Garden
Badminton Palace Palace Grounds
Badminton Penthouse Roof terrace
Badminton Stadium -
Badminton Villa Yard
Basketball Park -
Basketball Public Beach -
Basketball Stadium -
Beach Soccer Public Beach -
Beach Soccer Stadium -
Beach Tennis Public Beach -
Beach Tennis Stadium -
Beach Volleyball Public Beach -
Beach Volleyball Stadium -
Dance Off Apartment -
Dance Off Apartment -
Dance Off Cottage -
Dance Off Farm -
Dance Off House -
Dance Off Mansion -
Dance Off Palace -
Dance Off Penthouse -
Dance Off Villa -
Drinking Contest Cottage Kitchen
Drinking Contest Farm Kitchen
Drinking Contest House Kitchen
Drinking Contest Mansion Kitchen
Drinking Contest Palace Kitchen
Drinking Contest Penthouse Kitchen
Drinking Contest Villa Kitchen
Duel Palace Palace Grounds
Fist Fight Abandoned Warehouse -
Fist Fight Cottage Basement
Fist Fight Farm Garage
Fist Fight House Garage
Fist Fight Mansion Garage
Fist Fight Palace Basement
Fist Fight Palace Garage
Fist Fight Villa Basement
Fist Fight Villa Garage
Paintball Cottage Yard
Paintball Farm Yard
Paintball House Yard
Paintball Mansion Garage
Paintball Palace Palace Grounds
Paintball Villa Yard
Pillow Fight Cottage Bedroom
Pillow Fight Farm Bedroom
Pillow Fight House Bedroom
Pillow Fight Mansion Bedroom
Pillow Fight Palace Bedroom
Pillow Fight Penthouse Bedroom
Pillow Fight Villa Bedroom
Tug of War Festival Grounds -
Water Polo Cottage -
Water Polo Farm -
Water Polo House -
Water Polo Mansion -
Water Polo Palace -
Water Polo Penthouse -
Water Polo Stadium -
Water Polo Villa -