Skin Records Berlin

The recording studio is where artists record tracks of their songs. You'll find everything you'll need to book a recording session here, or any other record studio, over on your artist page. Although it's possible to record a track in any recording studio, it's probably a good idea to contact the people you have signed a contract with first, since they might offer you discounts and other special treatment. If you don't have a record contract yet, please contact the management of a suitable recording studio to have them offer you one. You must have a record contract to actually release your recorded tracks to the public.

Basic Info

Locale Type: Record Studio
Genre: Electronica (good)
City: Berlin
City Zone: Unter den Linden (Commercial)
Management: Skin Entertainment Ltd.
Quality: 40
Condition: incredible
Cash: 2,870,098.50 M$
Service Cost: 9.90 M$

Note from the Management

Welcome to Skin Records Berlin!

This is an Electronica studio, but everyone can apply, and will be addressed to the appropriate genre studio, if present.
Please contact Werner, if you wish to have a contract.

Track recording hints
- songs 100% jammed;
- enter studio in high mood/health;
- find a skilled producer accepting your invitation;
- skilled guests help performance.

Record release hints
Please contact studio for planning a timely/optimal release, and send your record project as early as possible.

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Organization: see 2173960.1