The airport is used by people traveling the world by air. When landing after a commercial flight in a new city, you'll end up here unless you're a VIP and have a home in this city. If you're a VIP, limo service will drop you off at home instead.

Basic Info

Locale Type: Airport
City: Moscow
City Zone: Московская область (Countryside)
Management: Москва
Quality: 40
Condition: perfect
Cash: 3,163,591.20 M$

Note from the Management

Sheremetyevo is the center of the earth for travelling Moscovites. If you come to Moscow, I bet you will be landing on Sheremetyevo Airport.

Not only we have big, tax free, shops in our arrival and depart area, we also have some rooms for you, where you could hide from the busy travelling live or just wait for the delayed flight.

But our Travel Security is very stricked, and if you are taking illegal items with you, they'll catch you.