* Thibaut De Belenet *

The gym is where you hang out to get your daily exercise. Don't forget that going to the gym costs money and that you need to change your character focus to make the most of your visit to the gym.

Basic Info

Locale Type: Gym
City: Moscow
City Zone: Тверской (Commercial)
Management: World is yours Moskova
Quality: 50
Condition: awesome
Cash: 246,001.60 M$
Service Cost: 100.00 M$


I'm tired of people leaving me like I'm nothing.

Note from the Management

Welcome to the best GYM at Moscow! We need some salespersons. If you want promotions and prizes, you;

1. Must improve your looks while working.
2. Mustn't leave the city without permission.
3. Must make your priority "Go to work".

If you become inactive or go abroad without permission, you'll be fired without notice.

Contact me for more information!