Fake Plastic Trees Park

Nothing beats a break away from your stressful life in a local park. The park serves as a gathering place for people out and about in the world as well as providing cities with some much needed fresh air.


WARNING! This building is VERY UNSAFE and might collapse at any time! It is severely dilapidated. Get out of here before you get hurt!

Basic Info

Locale Type: Park
City: London
City Zone: Brixton (Slum)
Management: MR University Inc.
Quality: 0
Condition: truly abysmal
Cash: 43,483,530.50 M$
Power Capacity: 0 W
Service Cost: 10.00 M$



Note from the Management

This park is hosted by the Modern Rock community.
It is open for everybody, but only if you bring the tequila!

The park has been named after one of the greatest Modern Rock bands of all time, Fake Plastic Tree. They ruled the Who Is Winning list for weeks, and the charts for years.

And if you want to be just as good as these talented artists, be sure to pay a visit to the Modern Rock University! Its dedicated rockstar teachers there will teach you the way to the top of Modern Rock and the Who Is Winning list.

Are you lost what to do? Do you still need help? Visit the forums at 1591413.1 for some Newbie Help.