Станица "Рики Венс"

The fire station is extremely important to the well being of a city. Without a fully operational fire station cities won't be able to fight fires which can cause massive damage to a city or individual inhabitants.

Basic Info

Locale Type: Fire Station
City: Belgrade
City Zone: Savamala (Center of Town)
Management: Град Београд
Quality: 50
Condition: incredible
Cash: 9,082,653.90 M$
Service Cost: 1.00 M$

Note from the Management

Firefighters Wanted!

Required Skill: Basic Fire Fighting
Required Attribute: Good Health Level (60%)
Salary: € 4.750

If you can't afford the book "Basic Fire Fighting", contact the Mayor or the Treasurer and we'll give you the book for free!

112 -> 1575186.1

Not long ago, when Belgrade was burning, anonymous fire fighters were here, ready to face the danger and save our lives from the flames.

The nightmare is over, but those who were not there will never know what the nightmare really was like.

We bow our heads to you all, who allowed life to go on.

Especially to R.V. , C.C., Z.D. and all other Anonymous Heroes...

Help for newbies. If you need books or an advice go here 1898544.1

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