The Tara Felton Park

Nothing beats a break away from your stressful life in a local park. The park serves as a gathering place for people out and about in the world as well as providing cities with some much needed fresh air.


WARNING! This building is VERY UNSAFE and might collapse at any time! It is severely dilapidated. Get out of here before you get hurt!

Basic Info

Locale Type: Park
City: Helsinki
City Zone: Jakomäki (Slum)
Management: The Toivonen Family Charity Fund
Quality: 0
Condition: truly abysmal
Building Status: Abandoned
Cash: 0.00 M$
Doors: Locked
Power Capacity: 0 W


The dreams we have, the love we share

Note from the Management

Need some time to relax? You've come to the right place, just pick a spot on the grass, lay down your picnic basket and enjoy the amazing beauty of this magnificent park in the beautiful city of Helsinki.

There is a small football field on the eastern side of the park if you want to have a bit of fun with your friends. There are also plenty of other activities offered totally free of charge at the Cafe located in the middle of the park. Just ask our friendly staff about all the possibilities at your disposal.

The park is dedicated to a wonderful woman, a wife and a mother, Tara Felton. She was the light of this world, rest in peace sweetie.