Only the best for Tallinn

It's no surprise that we all have a big family. For some reason it works though. Although ALL of the kids don't get to talk a lot due to scheduling conflicts. I thought we could use this SC for them to keep up with each other.

Family shouldn't be strangers, young or old.

(If you want your extended family to be able to keep up with their brother/sister's brothers and sisters to make it seem more like a family, let me know and I'll add them)

This will always be Alex and Angus's club. Rest in peace bros.

Alex and Angus founded this tribe Day 14 Year 73. Several years have passed since the tribe was founded. Alex and Angus have both passed away. Over time, we have kept the tribe Boobs & Beer. Their memory will always be kept alive and the tribe will always have the spirit of our fellow bros.

It is time to revamp our tribe and continue on.

Alex and Angus loved Dylan so much, I know they would like the direction we're going in. Especially since there was Gissy and Luna too. Kids were everything.

Club Information
Created: 12/14/2013
Leader: S. Moran
Club House: Boobs & Beer HQ
City: Stockholm
Management: BOOBS & BEER CO
Size: 4 members
Accepts applications: Yes

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