Requiem for a bitch

Requiem for a bitch

Requiem for a bitch is one of the Local Talents of the music industry. Pursuing stardom since 1/2/2011 the artist is currently ranked as the #349 Classical act. The artist is considered to be from Barcelona. This artist accepts invitations.

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1/31/2023 Glasgow terrific Details »
1/30/2023 London terrific Details »
1/29/2023 Amsterdam terrific Details »

Artist Buzz

The most recent music video by Requiem for a bitch is Someday it will devour your heart, too., released on 1/30/2023.

Requiem for a bitch released the revolutionary single It will devour your heart. on 2/1/2023.

Message to the Fans

#8 (24/85)
#1 radio (50/83)

I'm on the pursuit of happiness


Harley Quinn
R. Moondust
Band Leader
Harp Player / Drummer
Member since 2/1/2013

Deer Lord
J. Weiss
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