Exiled Angels

Exiled Angels

Exiled Angels is one of the Supporting Acts of the music industry. Pursuing stardom since 1/13/2014 the artist is currently ranked as the #330 Blues act. The artist is considered to be from Montreal. This artist accepts invitations.

Latest Shows

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8/6/2016 Istanbul good Details »

Artist Buzz

The most recent music video by Exiled Angels is Hellorama, released on 10/6/2014.

Exiled Angels released the revolutionary single Buraya ad girin on 2/16/2015.

Message to the Fans

You ̛sha͞ll̨ lív͜e a̵mo͟n͜g̵ th̴e͘ d́am̶ne͏d, t̶h̷ę d̕amn͠e͞d҉ ̕w̡i̡ll li͠v̀e̶ ͡am͟ong yóu̢


E. de Jesús
Band Leader
Lead Singer / Electric Guitarist
Member since 4/22/2017

L. de Jesús
Electric Guitarist / Backup Vocalist
Member since 9/20/2018

K. de Jesús
Band Leader
Bass Guitarist / Backup Vocalist
Member since 12/28/2021