Highly Addictive

Highly Addictive

Highly Addictive is one of the Professionals of the music industry. Pursuing stardom since 12/10/2014 the artist is currently ranked as the #547 Modern Rock act. The artist is considered to be from New York. This artist accepts invitations.

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Artist Buzz

The most recent music video by Highly Addictive is V.E.M.K., released on 10/11/2020.

Highly Addictive released the mind melting single V.E.M.K on 10/13/2020.

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Crystal Meth
C. Harriger
Band Leader
Lead Singer / Dancer
Member since 12/10/2014

S. Harriger
Band Leader
Acoustic Guitarist / Dancer
Member since 11/18/2017

Mala de Verdad
A. Harriger
Electric Guitarist / Dancer
Member since 2/18/2018

A. Harriger-Hargreeves
Bass Guitarist / Dancer
Member since 8/2/2020

B. Harriger-Langman
Backup Vocalist / Dancer
Member since 8/2/2020