Grim Bööbjob

Grim Bööbjob

Grim Bööbjob is one of the Headliners of the music industry. Pursuing stardom since 10/30/2017 the artist is currently ranked as the #120 Heavy Metal act. The artist is considered to be from Melbourne. This artist accepts invitations.

Latest Shows

11/17/2022 New York perfect Details »
11/16/2022 Toronto perfect Details »
11/15/2022 Montreal perfect Details »

Artist Buzz

Live performances include a earth shaking show at ShadowsOfTheSun | MAD in Madrid which is rated as their best recent show.

The most recent music video by Grim Bööbjob is Exterminator, released on 10/17/2021.

Grim Bööbjob released the revolutionary single Satan Manufactured My Bicycle on 9/27/2022.

Message to the Fans

Fake music for fake people.

Past incarnations:
2. The Benny Bravo Big Bland, #79 World Music
1. Pervzerker, #140 something in Electronica


Vice Mayor of Mild Chaos
B. Bravo
Band Leader
Keyboard Player / Drummer
Member since 10/30/2017