Bulletproof Hummingbirds

Bulletproof Hummingbirds

Bulletproof Hummingbirds is one of the Super Stars of the music industry. Pursuing stardom since 10/26/2018 the artist is currently ranked as the #27 Heavy Metal act. The artist is considered to be from Paris. This artist accepts invitations.

Artist Buzz

Live performances include a GOD SMACKINGLY GLORIOUS show at Hummingbirds HM ~ SHA in Shanghai which is rated as their best recent show.

The most recent music video by Bulletproof Hummingbirds is Hemifacial Spasm, released on 6/27/2021.

Bulletproof Hummingbirds released the earth shaking single Nighttime Birds on 6/28/2021.

Message to the Fans



L. Oprea
Band Leader
Turntable Artist / Bass Guitarist
Member since 10/26/2018

O. Black
Electric Guitarist / Backup Vocalist
Member since 11/1/2018

Lilac Wine
L. Deetz
Band Leader
Lead Singer / Drummer
Member since 5/6/2019

H. Fausnight
Bass Guitarist / Backup Vocalist
Member since 11/26/2019

S. Gerrard
Cello player / Lead Singer
Member since 6/2/2021