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Record Contract

You need a record contract in order to release a record. If you don't have one you need to convince a suitable record studio to offer you one. There's no need to rush this, you won't need a record contract until you've been in the game for a while. Record contracts offered to this artist will be listed on this page. For a complete history of all contracts signed by this artist click here.

Currently Signed Contract

Studio: Strawberry Fields (Seattle)
Company: ¡k3!
Royalty: 70% of all record sales.
Discount: 20% on recordings in company studios.
Time: 8/11/2020 to 6/14/2022
Marketing Level: None 
Records Tied to this Contract Release
The Usual Morons Single 1/25/2022
House of Butterflies Single 12/28/2021
Mixt Full Length Album 12/7/2021
More Likely Than Not Single 11/30/2021
Of All the Bad Things Single 11/2/2021
Red Echo Single 10/5/2021
This Way to Sedition Single 9/7/2021
Inflammation Full Length Album 8/17/2021
Soft Geometry Single 8/10/2021
Very Handsome Single 7/13/2021
Anti-Meteoric Single 6/15/2021
Venomous Nothings Single 5/18/2021
Syndrome Full Length Album 4/27/2021
Tiny Prophets Single 4/20/2021
Any Vile Day Single 3/23/2021
Make Me Sin Single 2/23/2021
Sick Beautiful Eyes Single 1/26/2021
Dark Days Full Length Album 1/5/2021
Come Back Home Single 12/29/2020
Anthrax Flavor Single 12/1/2020
Stealing Bridges Single 11/3/2020
Bittersweet Shimmer Single 10/6/2020
Going Under Full Length Album 9/15/2020
More the Someone Single 9/8/2020
Rising Tide Single 8/11/2020