Godless Prophets

Record Contract

You need a record contract in order to release a record. If you don't have one you need to convince a suitable record studio to offer you one. There's no need to rush this, you won't need a record contract until you've been in the game for a while. Record contracts offered to this artist will be listed on this page. For a complete history of all contracts signed by this artist click here.

Currently Signed Contract

Studio: The Bearhug Records (Berlin)
Company: The Bearhug Company
Royalty: 80% of all record sales.
Discount: 100% on recordings in company studios.
Time: 9/24/2020 to 7/28/2022
Marketing Level: 4 (Set by M. Helheim on 2/23/2021.)
Records Tied to this Contract Release
Castle of Silence Single 3/22/2021
Lavender Blood Single 2/23/2021
Dreamgaze Full Length Album 2/22/2021
Toska Single 1/26/2021
Berchta Single 12/29/2020
Einzigartig Single 12/8/2020
Dechrau Single 11/10/2020
Recumbentibus Full Length Album 10/23/2020
Infandous Single 10/13/2020