Wide Awake

Record Contract

You need a record contract in order to release a record. If you don't have one you need to convince a suitable record studio to offer you one. There's no need to rush this, you won't need a record contract until you've been in the game for a while. Record contracts offered to this artist will be listed on this page. For a complete history of all contracts signed by this artist click here.

Currently Signed Contract

Studio: The Roxy Records / BsAs (Buenos Aires)
Company: The Roxy
Royalty: 50% of all record sales.
Discount: 100% on recordings in company studios.
Time: 5/4/2021 to 3/7/2023
Marketing Level: 4 (Set by J. Rojas on 10/1/2022.)
Records Tied to this Contract Release
Palo con astillas Single 1/31/2023
Parada de grulla Single 1/3/2023
Atari 2600 Single 12/6/2022
Mirror Single 11/8/2022
Hilos rojos y otras leyendas Full Length Album 10/21/2022
Bee Single 10/11/2022
Leche de Bantha Single 9/13/2022
I'm Still Standing Single 8/16/2022
Fuera de foco Single 7/19/2022
Wide Awake Vol. XXXV Full Length Album 7/1/2022
el Rey pejelagarto Single 6/21/2022
Charco de popochas Single 5/24/2022
México campeón del mundo Single 4/26/2022
Dreamland Single 3/29/2022
Wide Awake Vol. XXXIV Full Length Album 3/10/2022
Eternal Love Single 3/1/2022
From the sky Single 2/1/2022
Electrical Storm Single 1/4/2022
Wide Awake Vol. XXXIII Full Length Album 12/7/2021
Loving you Single 12/4/2021
Golden time Single 11/2/2021
Peace of mind Single 10/5/2021
Al final del arcoíris Single 9/7/2021
Keep calm and carry on Single 8/10/2021
Wide Awake Vol. XXXII Full Length Album 7/30/2021
Hasta siempre Pepe le Pew Single 7/13/2021
Our little world Single 6/15/2021
Game night Single 5/25/2021