Hillbilly Crunk

Hillbilly Crunk at Bathory (JOH)

Venue: Bathory (JOH) Closed venue!
City: Johannesburg
Time: 5/29/2017, 12:00 PM
Booked since: 4/4/2017
Audience: 10000 people
Artist profit: 25,001.00 M$
Stage Equipment: 40
Media Exposure: 0
Venue Power Capacity: 100000 W

Venue Arrangements

Ticket price: 5.00 M$
Artist cut: 50 %
Rider: 163.40 M$

Short Review from the Critics

10000 people came to Bathory (JOH) to see Hillbilly Crunk.

11 songs were played during the show.

Overall, this show by Hillbilly Crunk was below average!

Performers Rating
E. Roberts Harmonica Player / Bass Guitarist 30
Setlist Rating
Song *Rock the jazz 20
Song Close your eyes 10
Song Coffee rock 20
Song Infinity 10
Song Minute by minute 10
Song New life 10
Song Shining star 10
Song Sleepless beauty 10
Song Uhmamma, uhmamma yeeh 20
Song Starless night 10
Song Hillbilly Crunk goes for an encore with Take my whole life but the audience was expecting something more and starts heading for the exit. 20

Setlist Rating

Setlist Rating 20

The setlist rating is based on the average score of all songs and stage events scheduled by the show's original setlist. Other events that are written in italics text are not taken into consideration.

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