Last Ventrue & Ice Goddess

Last Ventrue & Ice Goddess at Lords BLUES | J'bourg

Venue: Lords BLUES | J'bourg
City: Johannesburg
Time: 11/29/2022, 12:00 PM
Booked since: 11/2/2022
Audience: 10000 people
Artist profit: 275,001.00 M$
Stage Equipment: 50
Media Exposure: 20
Venue Power Capacity: 99000 W

Venue Arrangements

Ticket price: 55.00 M$
Artist cut: 50 %
Rider: 25,430.10 M$

Short Review from the Critics

10000 people came to Lords BLUES | J'bourg to see Last Ventrue & Ice Goddess.

11 songs were played during the show.

Overall, this show by Last Ventrue & Ice Goddess was perfect!

Performers Rating
K. Lord Piano Player / Lead Singer 40
Setlist Rating
Song Power of Mom 10
Song Winter is coming 30
Song Hometown 30
Song Thanks to you all. 30
Song know me and see how I really am. 30
Song Is this the masterpiece? 50
Song Masterpiece 40
Song Missing times 40
Song stay for ever. 30
Song songs we need a lot 30
Song Last Ventrue & Ice Goddess plays 25 Year married with the love of my life as an encore and the crowd is still chanting for more!!! 50

Setlist Rating

Setlist Rating 40

The setlist rating is based on the average score of all songs and stage events scheduled by the show's original setlist. Other events that are written in italics text are not taken into consideration.

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