Kings of the Lust Age

Release Parties

Make sure no one misses your new record by throwing a release party for it! If you can't afford the expensive marketing stunts on offer you should at least go for the more economic guerilla marketing options. You don't want to miss out on this opportunity to gain some extra media exposure, and song popularity, to boost your career!

Scheduling a release party is an alternative to manually releasing a record in the last minute at the click of a button. You can't do both. You can start preparing a release party on this page as soon as you've submitted your new record for release. Please remember that the date of a newly booked release party must be three days into the future!

Upcoming release parties

None found.

Previous release parties

Name Record Date
Good Night White Pride Good Night White Pride 1550429/8/2020, 2:00 AM
Antifa Antifa 1543718/11/2020, 3:00 AM
You Can Get It You Can Get It 1542918/7/2020, 7:00 PM
Alcoholic Amnesia Alcoholic Amnesia 14899612/31/2019, 4:00 AM
All You Need is Balls All You Need is Balls 14748010/29/2019, 12:00 AM
Übergasm Übergasm 14697210/7/2019, 8:00 PM
Yin-yang Yin-yang 1461329/2/2019, 8:00 PM
The Finger Lickin' Good Party Finger Lickin' Good 1449577/15/2019, 9:00 PM
Shut Up and Get Rad Shut Up and Get Rad 1436125/20/2019, 8:00 PM
Shit's Party Masterpiece of Shit 1434445/13/2019, 8:00 PM
Royal Family Royal Family 1427814/16/2019, 5:00 AM
The New Guy The New Guy 1414272/18/2019, 7:00 PM
Leftovers Leftovers 1409571/30/2019, 5:00 AM
Vanilla Vanilla Blossom 1345455/8/2018, 1:00 AM
Four of a Kind Four of a Kind 1331993/12/2018, 11:00 PM
Shit Happening Shit Happens 13086712/5/2017, 7:00 PM
Natural Born Sinners Natural Born Sinners 1185797/11/2016, 7:00 PM
No Regrets No Regrets 1182386/27/2016, 2:00 PM