Release Parties

Make sure no one misses your new record by throwing a release party for it! If you can't afford the expensive marketing stunts on offer you should at least go for the more economic guerilla marketing options. You don't want to miss out on this opportunity to gain some extra media exposure, and song popularity, to boost your career!

Scheduling a release party is an alternative to manually releasing a record in the last minute at the click of a button. You can't do both. You can start preparing a release party on this page as soon as you've submitted your new record for release. Please remember that the date of a newly booked release party must be three days into the future!

Upcoming release parties

None found.

Previous release parties

Name Record Date
new with old new with old 1505243/3/2020, 8:00 PM
Young Boys Young Boys 1503542/25/2020, 6:00 PM
zwischenHIT zwischenHIT 1251504/11/2017, 2:00 PM
hot hit hot hit 1244703/14/2017, 6:00 AM
sad hit sad hit 1238072/14/2017, 3:00 PM
dance with the cats dance with the cats 1231261/17/2017, 6:00 AM
goanauten - Album goanauten album 12264112/28/2016, 1:00 AM
danke DEVs Ihr seit doof danke DEVs Ihr seit doof 12178211/22/2016, 6:00 AM
goanauten goanauten 12112010/25/2016, 4:00 PM
next Luschen-Hit next Luschen-Hit 1204179/26/2016, 9:00 AM
new flow - album new flow - album 1199539/7/2016, 1:00 AM
stand up for goa stand up for goa 1197528/29/2016, 4:00 PM
dance on the line dance on the line 1190968/2/2016, 8:00 AM
new flow new flow 1177346/6/2016, 2:00 PM
goaCATs NEWstart - Album goaCATs NEWstart - Album 1172475/17/2016, 7:00 AM
pink power pink power 1170645/9/2016, 4:00 PM
Gipfel-Stürmer in Strapsen Gipfel-Stürmer in Strapsen 1163854/11/2016, 9:00 AM
Lass uns warten Lass uns warten 1157193/14/2016, 3:00 PM
Gummiwechsel Gummiwechsel 1150442/15/2016, 12:00 PM
Monarchy Vol. VII Monarchy Vol. VII 1145531/26/2016, 1:00 AM
shadow of monarchy shadow of monarchy 1143691/18/2016, 9:00 AM
GayMaster of Monarchy GayMaster of Monarchy 11305511/24/2015, 3:00 PM
MONOarchy MONOarchy 11235610/26/2015, 12:00 PM
Radfahrer stehen länger Radfahrer stehen länger 1117069/29/2015, 10:00 AM
Monarchen mit Krone Monarchen mit Krone 1110329/1/2015, 8:00 AM
hacked, very slow hacked, very slow 1103628/4/2015, 10:00 AM
greenBase greenBASE 1096787/6/2015, 10:00 PM
Die Songsfabrik Die Songsfabrik 1090186/9/2015, 10:00 AM
World of Monarchy World of Monarchy 1083445/12/2015, 8:00 AM
Sing, sing…für die Monarchen Sing, sing... 1076784/14/2015, 2:00 PM
Pink Monarchy-Party Vol. 4 Monarchy Vol. 4 1064922/24/2015, 4:00 AM
Neukölln (60 Jahre Berlin) Neukölln (60 Jahre Berlin) 1063422/17/2015, 10:00 PM