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Release Parties

Make sure no one misses your new record by throwing a release party for it! If you can't afford the expensive marketing stunts on offer you should at least go for the more economic guerilla marketing options. You don't want to miss out on this opportunity to gain some extra media exposure, and song popularity, to boost your career!

Scheduling a release party is an alternative to manually releasing a record in the last minute at the click of a button. You can't do both. You can start preparing a release party on this page as soon as you've submitted your new record for release. Please remember that the date of a newly booked release party must be three days into the future!

Upcoming release parties

None found.

Previous release parties

Name Record Date
Ein Wiener operette? Nee! Ein Wiener operette? Nee! 18194010/3/2023, 8:00 PM
Harde Woorden Release Party Harde Woorden 1812759/6/2023, 3:00 AM
Fritus Defecatius Release Party Fritus Defecatius 1811068/30/2023, 2:00 AM
You do no want to believe...you are sleeping Violent Dreams 1805968/8/2023, 8:00 PM
Wat denke je, hagelslagezicht? Wat denk je, hagelslagezicht? 1799337/12/2023, 5:00 AM
Donker en licht Release Party Donker en licht 1792526/13/2023, 8:00 PM
#1596893 Release Party #1596893 1785875/17/2023, 3:00 AM
Oiiiii Release Party Oiiiii 1784175/10/2023, 1:00 AM
Čiūto tūto release party Čiūto tūto 1777394/11/2023, 7:00 PM
Het meest trieste feest ooit The Popalypse wanKersssss!!!!! 1770623/14/2023, 2:00 PM
Festinha do Amigo Secreto Amigo Secreto 1762212/7/2023, 1:00 PM
Scratchy Balls TiNgLy Launch Party Scratchy Balls 1757241/17/2023, 8:00 PM
Gang Attack Launch Party Gang Attack 1755561/10/2023, 8:00 PM
Defqon Soundtrack Defqon Soundtrack 17487112/13/2022, 7:00 AM
Shag-o-meter Launch Party Shag-o-meter 17421211/15/2022, 8:00 PM
King D launch party King D 17352510/18/2022, 5:00 AM
Pale Blue World - The Album Pale Blue World 1730369/27/2022, 8:00 PM
Internal Guardians Launch Party Internal Guardians 1728689/20/2022, 8:00 PM
Ice Age Vrijlating Feestje Ice Age 1721838/23/2022, 7:00 AM
Slothmates Release Party Slothmates 1715247/26/2022, 8:00 PM
Aduász launch party Aduász 1708556/28/2022, 11:00 PM
Nice party Nessun Dorma 1703436/7/2022, 3:00 PM
I'm sO oFfEnDeD Greta Thunberg Speeches 1684973/22/2022, 5:00 PM
Negativity Effect Launch Party Negativity Effect 1678222/22/2022, 2:00 PM
Secrets the single Secrets 1671511/25/2022, 3:00 PM
Losing Myself launch party Losing Myself 16647912/28/2021, 3:00 PM
Crystal Crystal 1631238/10/2021, 7:00 PM
Fox Life the Single Fox Life 1618476/18/2021, 3:00 PM
Better Late Than Never Better Late Than Never 1611995/22/2021, 3:00 PM