Luca, Come Forth!

Artist Repertoire

Songs played on stage by an artist have to be in their artist repertoire. You can add your own songs, or other people's songs, into your repertoire at any time. Playing songs written by people who aren't with the band are considered covers and won't score as high as your own material of similar quality. Songs which haven't been revealed to the public yet are listed on this page as New Songs.

You can select what information to display about your repertoire by changing the drop down lists in the repertoire view. For VIP members, your selection remains throughout the current session.

# Song Popularity Genre
1 #Love 'n Luck Bringer 500 Funk Metal
2 AB #6- Six will do the charm! 666 500 Speed Metal
3 AB#11 - This one is a Love Song 500 Speed Metal
4 AB#3 - A Song Has No Name 500 Speed Metal
5 AB#7 - Thy numero ist sept 500 Speed Metal
6 An Unexpected Grandchild 500 Speed Metal
7 K&L - 18 Years, nothing but Love 500 Speed Metal
8 K&L - 62442 500 Speed Metal
9 K&L - Sweetest Love 500 Speed Metal
10 K&L - The last lullaby for Aura 500 Speed Metal
11 K&L - Vacation at home with love 500 Speed Metal
12 Lair of the Spider Queen 500 Speed Metal

New Songs in Repertoire

This artist has 6 new songs not yet revealed to the public in its repertoire.