Hot Momma


The rider is paid for by the places hosting your shows. It's up to them to decide if they wish to pamper your ego by paying for these things, or if they should just ignore your whims. Although it's cool to roll into town with an insane rider to satisfy your needs, it can be really embarrassing to stand there crying for a yoga master if you're yesterday's news. So don't overdo it!

Demand Cost
Towels 129.00 M$
Production Office 432.00 M$
Guest Room 756.00 M$
Personally Requested Food 1,165.50 M$
Male Strippers 1,512.00 M$
Alcoholic Beverages 1,641.00 M$
Rare Exotic Delicacies 3,024.00 M$
Yoga Master 4,297.50 M$
Illegal Substances 4,320.00 M$

Total Rider Cost: 17,277.00 M$