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TV Appearances

Invitations to appear on TV are handled on this page. Appearing on television can increase your popularity among specific market segments, it awards you star quality, and can also boost popularity of the first track on your latest single. For more information please read the text on the bottom of this page.


The Petting Zoo has been invited to appear at the following TV shows:

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Scheduled Appearances

The Petting Zoo has accepted to appear at the following TV shows:

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Would you like to know more?

Invitations are handed out 2-4 weeks in advance from TV stations near the venues you play at. You're never guaranteed to get invitations to appear on TV simply by booking a lot of shows. Ticket reservations to your shows are required to peak the TV stations interest and even then you need a little bit of luck to get the invitations you want.

Different TV shows are recorded at different times of the day, and even if the invitations take your touring schedule into consideration, you sometimes get invitations which collide with other scheduled events. When this happens you're faced with the option of rejecting the invitation (and wait for another one that suits your needs better) or cancelling the event colliding with the invitation.

Different TV shows target different market segments. Most target a combination of two market segments, however The Late Show targets all of them, and Public Access Television might sometimes only target one.

You can never have more than a total of four upcoming invitations or scheduled TV appearances at a time, so make sure to reject invitations you're not interested in.

Invites expire after a week if you don't respond to them.

TV appearances are in general one hour long but can sometimes last longer than that. Make sure not to accept invitations to appearances that collide with other activities in your schedule.

TV appearances do not affect the automatic travels of your artist vehicle, if you have your preferences set to that. Lugging around your stage equipment is always the top priority for your roadies. So make sure you don't hop on a departing artist vehicle after a show in case you're scheduled to appear on The Late Show.